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"S.K. is that fantastic intersection between crust punk and hard industrial synth… This band is doing something way different for extreme genres, it’s also amazingly original and heavy as hell" - Devil's Horns Zine

Schkeuditzer Kreuz is Dystopian Electronica from the Blue Mountains in Australia - one human and some machines, making noise, in the face of it all. Live  electro industrial crust punk created out of the wreck of the plague year twenty twenty. The human element of SK has been playing stringed instruments in punk bands since the days when the world had happiness and hope. Since the decline there has been a building of greater affinity with machines making the creation of SK inevitable.

Joy is the single and a killer choice, and also a clear indicator of the mammoth progression/step up on this album, the samples, and the synth work/programming is just wild, robotically entrancing and so apocalyptic. Sometimes you just need an animated and gloomy electronic sledgehammer to your face; well at least I do.

Devil's Horns Zine

“New South Wales-based artist Schkeuditzer Kreuz (alias Kieren Hills) unleashes a ferocious reworking of the track, combining dark, abrasive post-industrial influences with DIY punk. Difficult to pigeonhole musically, Kieren defines the Schkeuditzer Kreuz sound as “D-Beat Raw Synth Punk” – also the name of an EP from earlier in 2021. This cover is dissonant static, an eerie voice cutting through the din and scratches; a disembodied Big Brother.” 

If you close your eyes and stick your headphones on, you’re going to be afraid. If you read the lyric sheet, you’re probably going to feel disturbed too. Isolated And Alone is a heavy brooding self-abusing slab of darkness that seeps menacingly over an arid soundscape, enveloping all in its path. 

Louder Than War 


“Dust-dry, tough and extremely dirty... It is immediately evident that this is a reaction to the mental strain caused by the protracted lockdown in Australia. As if encouraged by nothing but hopelessness, this mixture of d-beat and synth-punk chugs stoically through unadorned, raw tracks that convey their fairly manageable variance as an expression of absolute sincerity…”

Sonic Seducer


“The album is a perfect example of how to make dark, menacing industrial music with gothic and d-beat hardcore elements. The music has real edge to it that makes it feel almost dangerous but also has somewhat of a depressive atmosphere to it. I guess if I had to pick a single word to describe the album it would be 'ominous'. It feels like the music you're hearing is preceding something terrible, something that is coming your way that cannot be stopped or avoided.”

Cave Dweller Music 


Isolated and Alone LP

Released on 1214/12/2021 

“Taking the politics and fury of d-beat and anarcho-punk, then blending them with treated vocals, harsh industrial synths and queasy dance-punk rhythms, Isolated And Alone is a terrifying yet enjoyable journey into the darkness of dehumanised, repressive society"

Second EP 

Released as 7" Vinyl

“If Swedish and Japanese punks got stuck in a German aircraft carrier with a bunch of electronic equipment and pieces of metal to bash, it might end up like this”
Inner City Uprising

Give Me Nothing EP 

Released  23/09/2020 

It is punchy and doesn’t pull any punches about the state of society in general but then it just wouldn’t be punk if it didn’t have something to say. Should you ever get the chance to see Schkeuditzer Kreuz live, take it. The experience will blow your mind  
Onyx Music Reviews

D-Beat Raw Synth Punk EP 

Released  05/05/2021 

“If Swedish and Japanese punks got stuck in a German aircraft carrier with a bunch of electronic equipment and pieces of metal to bash, it might end up like this”
Inner City Uprising

Europe Tour 2023

Euro 2023
Schkeuditzer Kreuz Euro tour b.jpg

Schkeuditzer Kreuz music is created on the land of the Dharug and Gundungurra people

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